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Whatever photographic Material you see in this category is exclusively created by the members of

W.I.N.N.E.R Photoclass Walking in New Roads, a photographic Educational team inside KorydalosPrison (2014-2015).


I was behind the camera only with my teachings to them and my faith to this project.


​Because of the nature of the prison's environment in which the project was happening there were some demanding facts for a photographer that we had to cope with.Limited space and time, very few photographic equipment (one camera), no proper source of artificial lighting for photo shoot and not the ability of revealing the faces of the team-members to the public.


​ It is known to the photographic world that one or more of these elements, endless time, impressive space, intense face expression and good equipment, have to exist or to be combined so someone can create a strong photograph. ​


Allow me,after my experience, to disagree and to add that the one  truly needed is Will. ​


If you have true Will you can find the way to cope with anything else and use it productively to your art.

This team was the start and a strong sample of my personal vision and belief that people don’t need to have a formal training of a certain type, in order to be able to create strong art, with high aesthetic and artistic results.

​ Nothing of this could be possible without the endless help and the immense support of the unforgettable and really unique Mr Georgios Zouganelis.

He was the Director of School of Second Change inside Korydallos Prison and a person strongly devoted to the real meaning of education in life.


 He was my first mentor in the world of education,a great inspiration to my soul and all of this material is devoted to him.

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