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Venthesikimi Soukoulis


Photographer, Educator, Art Historian


Graduate of Athens School of Fine Art and Professional Photographer





As an artist photographer, I work independently creating my Fine Art Photography. 

My collaborations involve people from the world of art, culture, and business for professional creations.

 I have worked with various artists and theatrical companies, music groups etc. 

Additionally, I have cooperated with several magazines and sites for various projects (Athinorama,,, with selected gourmet restaurants (e.g. Rakkan, Tesoro Mio), cultural spaces (Athinaida), publishers (Hestia) as well as companies with a diverse background, like like Dev Sanskriti University, Dhl and Messinian Treasures.


From January of 2016 until January of 2017 I cooperated with Hellenic American Union's Cultural Department to various events as a photographer and Cultural advisor. 


Simultaneously, I have expanded my visual action as a video creator, directing short video-clips for the greek music group Cadillac Dreamers and also creating and directing the short film ‘’The Lighthouse’’



In my path as an educator, I have been the creator of W.i.n.n.e.r. Photo class , Walking in New Roads, a photographic educational team

inside Korydallos prison, Athens (ages 24-50).


This team is the start of a personal vision and belief regarding the education of people, without a previous relation to art education, in photography and art. I strongly believe that in the field of photography, people don’t need to have a formal training of a certain type, in order to be able to create strong art, with high aesthetical and artistic results. What is needed, is a new type of intense, groundbreaking visual educational training, that will make more conscious the already optical experience and knowledge of that person, and at the same time, that person will be able to expand the link between his/hers perception and practical ability for creation.


The W.i.n.n.e.r.Photo class at 2015 won  an Honor and the 2nd national Prize to the First National Photographic Competition for School of Second Chance.


Furthermore, I am the responsible educator for the photographic training program in Epanodos, a non-profit Organization of Private Legal Entity in Athens, supervised by the Ministery of Justice and Transparency. My task is to train to troubled juveniles (age 14-21), in the world of visual education and photography.


I also cooperate with Amaka Organisation to an Art therapy project with a team of refugees,in the production of a portrait series.


I have worked as an educational counselor of photography to Start Dream Toys company.


My visual perception is much inspired from the meaning of movement and rhythm. I strongly believe in the use of the various perceptional instruments we have through our different senses, in synaesthesia, and I use it very often in my creations as also in my teachings. 



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